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Where You Do Not Want To Be

At some point in our lives we have all been fascinated by “Storm Chasers” but, have always wondered if any of them ever intercepted a storm the way that they really expected to. Over at No Silence Here, they have … Continue reading

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Did you know …

…that NOAA has Space Weather scientists on staff??  What did we ever do without coverage in this scientific discipline? But seriously, there is a whole branch of science dedicated to space weather.  With the evolution of our culture, and our … Continue reading

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The Symphony

Ah, the neighborhood symphony of snow blowers kicked off at 0545 this morning.  First time this season….  It’s going to be a long day.

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Changing Seasons

I got off the plane the other night and walked out into…. a chilly night.  Now admittedly it was after midnight, and I had just had one of the worst commercial flights that I have ever taken but walking out … Continue reading

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Earth Science

Who knew that these guys were out there, sitting in their labs and crunching numbers like this.  Even more interesting is going to be what the global warming crowd can do with things like this. From NASA…. The Feb. 27 … Continue reading

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Traveling for Business

Sometimes, it sucks. This trip is one of those. Evidently I missed the forecast that had a retrograding Nor’easter passing across NYC yesterday, and today, and…. I was able to spend an extra night away from home as a result. … Continue reading

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About That Global Warming Thing…

Nevermind. At least that is what it seems like around here lately.  So, common sense observations appear to be backed up by scientific fact. The earth is now on the brink of entering another Ice Age, according to a large … Continue reading

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A Glorious Cold Dawn

Well here it is, another early Sunday morning.  It’s -3 F with a wind chill approaching -36F.  The dogs have been out for their morning constitutional already.  A bit abbreviated, as the puppy kept getting leg cramps.  The Grand Ole … Continue reading

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