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Color Civil War Photos

Technology is a wonderful thing, and people find the most creative ways to apply their tools.  This article from the Business Insider, and the resulting re-touched photos is pretty amazing. Update:  More photos.  These are from China prior to the … Continue reading

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Another Extinction

And another one bites the dust…  The venerable telegram has sent its last dit-dash-dit, and another of the key technologies of the 19th and 20th centuries has come to the end of its lifecycle.  163 years for a communications tool, … Continue reading

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An interesting piece of video from the USNI.  Michael Jones provided a keynote address that spoke volumes.  The discussion revolves around what Google has done the last view years to provide visualization tools, and the wide spread innocuous data gathering … Continue reading

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Autos and Technology

There are 3 major trade shows taking place in quick succession.  CES, the Detroit Auto Show, and SHOT.  As a result there are a lot of concept products being pitched. One of the interesting developments in Detroit is the advent … Continue reading

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Green Screen

Remember the old “Is it live or is it Memorex”? tag line. Yes, children, way back in the days of audio tape. Well now you can question everything that you see on that big flat panel LCD screen that you … Continue reading

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Cyber War

An interesting question is raised over at  Does the 2nd Amendment provide citizens the right to defend themselves against a cyber attack?  The 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution is often referred to as the “right to keep and … Continue reading

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Taking Back the Infantry Half-Kilometer | Defense Tech

A nice piece in Defense Tech, that leads to the source article.  In short, the Army’s approach to training and fighting was great for Iraq and an urban environment.  In Afghanistan… not working so well.  Long range fire fights are … Continue reading

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Well it seems that the new adminstration is bringing some baggage with it.   No not all of the scandels that you are hearing about… some security worries. Seriously, there are probably a ton of security changes that are made on … Continue reading

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Fixing The Auto Industry

A lot has been said about “bailing out” the traditional Big 3 auto makers in the US.  I am looking at some of this, and thinking… nope, wouldn’t be prudent.    Bottom line, they have it figured out.  They NEED to … Continue reading

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I finally found the time to take a look at this video that was posted over at Lex’s. Good comments on this post (as usual at Lex’s) too. WOW! I never understood what the USAF was so excited about with … Continue reading

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