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Book Recommendation

Continuing in my less than stellar mindset to the world events that we find ourselves embroiled in, I dug an older piece of fiction off my shelf.  A book written by Tom Kratman, Caliphate.  You can find it on the … Continue reading

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Monster Hunter Legion

If you have not been following the saga of Monster Hunter International, by NY Times Bestselling Author Larry Correia, then shame on you.  You need to get caught up because, there is a new volume out this week.  Monster Hunter … Continue reading

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Monster Hunter

So over the last couple of years y’all have heard me rattle on about the Monster Hunter International saga.  My acquaintance (Facebook says he is my friend), Larry Correia has been writing this series of books for a few years … Continue reading

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Green Screen

Remember the old “Is it live or is it Memorex”? tag line. Yes, children, way back in the days of audio tape. Well now you can question everything that you see on that big flat panel LCD screen that you … Continue reading

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Another Time Suck

I have to find more hours in the day. It seems that the venerable Dr. Who from the BBC has undergone a significant metamorphosis since I last watched it, way back when. It looks like I am going to have … Continue reading

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Extreme Geekiness

For all of you wanting to unleash your inner Geek for at least the next 2 minutes or so… Never wear a red shirt to a con.

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Captain Kirk – 2008

I had almost forgotten about this episode. Are the meaning of those words becoming diluted and forgotten?

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Some years ago I had a major project that I was involved in and we were looking for a team building event. So, we took the entire team off to see Star Wars Episode 2 when it was first released, … Continue reading

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