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Changing ITAR Regulations

Hmmm….  It seems the State Department is changing the way information is classified under current.  There is a great deal of hoopla from various entities around these “clarifications” and “definitions”.  Some of it maybe very well placed. Looking at some … Continue reading

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Goodbye Sweden | THE SWEDEN REPORT

Interesting opinions from someone with boots on the ground.  Do you see any similarities to North America? Goodbye Sweden | THE SWEDEN REPORT.

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A reminder piece out of Fred Thompson’s new organization.

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The sequestor is coming, OH MY! Here are some realities for you.  The speed at which congress is able to move anything through the system prevents them from stopping the sequester.  The other realities are shown in the video below. … Continue reading

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An interesting argument being put forth in some circles regarding the Constitution.  Does it matter?  Is it truly a set of laws. or is it “…more of a guideline…”.  If it is a guideline, or doesn’t matter, what are the … Continue reading

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Cold War Developments

I remember “back in the day” it seemed like the Soviet and US forces loved to play games with each other.  We had overt and covert ELINT games on the ground, in the air, and in the water.  The Navies … Continue reading

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Wrong Turn

So the UN has taken some research material and come to some interesting conclusions. For the purpose of this discussion let’s make some baseline assumptions. Human rights can be defined as natural or inalienable rights. These are distinct a different … Continue reading

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Oh, Oh. Messin’ with Texas

Well now, it seems that the folks in Washington just haven’t figured out that there is an Ice Age coming, and that this whole carbon thing is based on fraudulent data (old news, I know).  Read Alan’s piece, it is … Continue reading

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