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I don’t have the time right now to do this topic justice.  However, a couple of things caught my eye this morning. Tam put some recent news from POTUS in perspective for us.  The biggest thing to take away from … Continue reading

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China Beneath the Surface

There have been a lot of articles and reports recently regarding China, and their intentions.  Certainly the development of stealthy aircraft, the refurbishment and launching of an aircraft carrier, continued saber rattling in the South China Sea, and the increased … Continue reading

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Panetta Might Just Get ‘It’

I was a bit concerned when it was announced that Leon Panetta was taking over as Sec. Def.  He always seemed like a career politician to me, and not a leader.  However, some of his recent comments and actions have … Continue reading

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Canadian Navy Modernization

I am not sure that modernization is the right word here.  The bottom line though is that this is overdue.  The Canadian Navy is a fine organization that has managed to perform well with equipment that was well past it’s … Continue reading

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APAC Developments

A little while back, I posted about the increased intercepts of Chinese aircraft that were happening in Japan.  Over the last several days, several other pieces of news in the region caught my eye.  Now, maybe it is just me … Continue reading

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Spending, Taxation or Both

First a quick tip of the tam o’ shanter to Joe for pointing out this article. An interesting opinion piece by Mike Jensen pointing out some of the problems with our tax system, and a potential solution.  There is a … Continue reading

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Understanding The Tea Party

The author M.J. Mollenhour took a shot at trying to explain the roots of the Tea Party movement.  He chooses the 8 zero argument. Now, delete 8 zeros from each number, and pretend it’s a household budget: • Annual family … Continue reading

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Over at The Sniper he has the following post up: Just take your sweet A$$ time « The Sniper. Now you need to go read the whole article.  It reminds us that words are words, and you need to go … Continue reading

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Economic Observations and Course of Action

Original content time, it’s been awhile. I am not one for doom and gloom, generally.  A couple of decades ago, maybe longer, we got to the point where the global economy took precedence over regional economies.  If something happened in … Continue reading

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Funny in a sad sort of way. Too bad most of the congressional folks would not even understand the comment.

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