Learning Opportunity

I am sure that we have all watched a movie, and watched as the actor (or their stunt driver) has executed the perfect “J” turn.

J-turn is a driving maneuver in which a reversing vehicle is spun 180°, and continues facing forward without changing direction of travel. The J-turn is also called a “moonshiner’s turn” (from the evasive driving tactics used by bootleggers), a “reverse 180”, a “Rockford Turn”, a “Rockford Spin”, or simply a “Rockford”.[1] A J-turn differs from a bootleg turn in that the vehicle begins in reverse gear. It is often performed by stunt drivers in film and television shows. It can be performed both on dry and snowy surfaces; the latter is preferred while learning the skill. It is a basic maneuver that leads into the K-turn, also known as the three-point turn, which is the opposite of the J-turn and is performed in a forward moving car.

I have always thought that the “J” turn was really cool, and it would be a great technique to learn but, I would never have a practical application for it.  Watch this clip below from Japan, I am thinking some of these folks would have liked to have the J turn in their bag of tricks.

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