Chechnya: A History of Horrors | Fox News

With the manhunt ongoing in the Boston area, and the dynamic nature of the information coming from a variety of sources I have refrained from writing a post regarding the events.  Based on what we are learning this morning, the fog of the events is clearing and hopefully I can sit down and write something over the weekend.

In the meantime, Fox News has put together a nice short article on recent history in Chechnya.  In short, another branch of bad guys have made their way to our shores, and are actively acting our way of life.

A thousand years of history in the region is mostly the story of occupation, retaliation, violence against civilians and conflict between Islam and Christendom – from Genghis Kahn and Tamerlane all the way to today.

Chechens have a history of brutalness.  Combine this with their familiarity with European culture, this is not a good development

Chechnya: A History of Horrors | Fox News.

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