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Yosemite Sam is back and blogging at the Ten Ring.  He put up a very clear and concise argument for you all to consider.  Get over there and read the entire piece.

Here is just a taste:

We hold these truths to be selfevident, that all men are created equal”.

It is difficult for many people to understand how much these words are radical and revolutionary. They stand in defiance of most of human history. Kings, their retainers, lords and knights ruled over the vast majority of the people. The people not born into this elite were denied any rights whatsoever. They had no right to speak their mind, no right to work where they chose, certainly no right to bear arms.

This country was the first to say NO, the people are sovereign, not a King or even a President. That the people have fundamental rights that cannot be taken away, not by a President, not even by a majority of 99 percent.

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