RockCastle 3 Gun – Post(s) Preview

WOW!  What a fantastic match.  I will run out of words to describe this one before I am done.  I have decided to break this one up a lot in order to keep the posts more reasonable in length.

You can expect segments along the following lines:

  • Match Overview
  • Day 1
  • Day 2
  • Results
  • Side Matches and Pro Clinics
  • What Worked / What didn’t
  • Lessons Learned

That’s in addition to everything else that I have already tweeted and posted.  Let me just say once more, that this is by far one of the most awesome events I have ever participated in.  Maybe I am just getting wiser (old), and are putting things in a different perspective but this event was AWESOME!  From the people, to the pros, to the squad, to the side matches.  Just INCREDIBLE!

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