RockCastle 3 Gun Update

Or, “Have I Lost My Mind”?

4 years ago when I picked up a gun again for the first time after a 20+ year break, there were a number of reasons for it.  I won’t go into all of them in this post but, one of them was I that was intrigued by 3 gun competitions.  Since that time 3 Gun has taken off as a sport with major events, and TV coverage etc.  The barriers to entry have not really eased at all but, the sport has gained in popularity across the country.

Last summer, I decided to get serious about the sport aspect of shooting.  I started to start shooting some USPSA pistol events in Jun 2011 and received my “C” classification in Jan. 2012.  At the same time I began overcoming some of the barriers to entry for local 3 gun matches.  As a result, I was able to shoot one 3 gun match last year in September.

In 2012, I have been able to shoot 2 additional local 3 gun matches and attend a really good 3 gun training camp.  Thursday I leave to go shoot the RockCastle 3 Gun match.  This is where I think I may be getting a little crazy.  I have (let’s be generous) 4 match experiences under my belt and now I am going to go shoot a major event.

Let’s put this in a little more perspective.  I will spend hundreds of dollars on entry fees, ammunition, and travel.  I will spend 16 hours traveling (round trip).  I will shoot 7 stages in a match over 2 days and the total time shooting will be less than 14 minutes.

When you put it in those terms, it does seem a little bit nuts.  But, when I compare it to many of the other hobbies and sports out there that people are involved in… maybe not so much.  And I enjoy this sport.  It is one of the few individual sports that I really like, and find that I am not that bad at it.

All that said, my gear is checked and pretty much good to go.  I need to update my match checklist, and pack ammunition and clothing.  Load up the truck and head for Kentucky on Thursday.  Seven Stages of shooting on the amateur side of the event.  A number of side matches, and some pro seminars will be offered during the event as well.  Most of all, it should be challenging and a lot of fun.

More to come, stay tuned.

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