An interesting piece of video from the USNI.  Michael Jones provided a keynote address that spoke volumes.  The discussion revolves around what Google has done the last view years to provide visualization tools, and the wide spread innocuous data gathering that takes place every day.

While Mr. Jones takes pains to point out that the analysis of data really is not in the scope of what his teams do, visualization and using images and analysis to construct visualization.  Apparently they also design, and construct, and operate satellites to gather data inexpensively also.  The first 3 minutes or so is intro that can be skipped over.  The rest is well worth your time.

I would say that he certainly got the attention of the folks in room.  Now, whether that will translate to a change in policy and procurement at the DOD level is another story we can only hope.  In the meantime, perhaps some of what is needed at a National level can be contracted to the folks at Google.

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