Shooting Training

Training.  It is important.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  Driving, Software, Running, Shooting, First Aid, you need a plan and you need to execute the plan.

Out in the great PNW, Anette has a plan, and she is executing that plan.

I however have a semi developed plan that has been totally disrupted.  I have always had these split interests between Martial Arts, long range shooting, pistols and 3 Gun.  I have been getting semi series about pistol work and having a good time with it over the winter but, have recently run into some issues with getting into matches because it is getting so popular, and my opportunities are limited.  So, I had been beginning to transition to the 3 gun training.  Making a couple of mods to my rifle last week, and getting some dummy shotgun rounds to practice loading and dry firing etc.

Now to complicate things… On Sunday at a Martial Arts seminar, I dislocated a finger on my support hand.  It looks like I am sidelined for a while until this heals.  It is amazing how many little things that I use my my left hand for.  I HATE injuries…. this sucks.

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