APAC Developments

A little while back, I posted about the increased intercepts of Chinese aircraft that were happening in Japan.  Over the last several days, several other pieces of news in the region caught my eye.  Now, maybe it is just me being a little too observant,  or these could be the beginning movements in something more significant and long term.   Keep an eye on events in the region.

  1. Cyber attack on Japan’s Parliament here.
  2. Exercises in The Philippines 
  3. Native designs for stealth fighters in S. Korea
  4. Strengthening the US presence in the Pacific
  5. Continued unrest in The Philippines

I thought there were a few more developments too but I can’t see to find the sources.  Hopefully I am just putting random noise into a pattern that does not fit.  If not, well what’s a little more volatility in the global economy?


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