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As I have commented before, I spend too much of my life traveling commercial air.  But, it goes with the job and the job is good.  All of the new brouhaha regarding the TSA’s approach to security is very interesting.  I see a lot of comments from folks about how it could be done better, cheaper, or just plain differently.

After having had experience with the TSA at a number of airports (large and small)  in the US, and dealing with similar procedures overseas here are a few of my thoughts on the matter:

  1. The current TSA process is overkill and ineffective.
  2. In general, the people employed by the TSA are not motivated to provide security for passengers.  They are there to collect a check.
  3. The TSA screening process is a deterrent nothing more.
  4. I like the gate check that only allows people that are actually ticketed into the boarding area.  The airports are crowded enough without layering in relatives and friends too.
  5. There is no preventive measure that will prevent a determined individual or group from placing an explosive device on an aircraft.  In fact there are so many holes in the security layers that all the passenger screening is irrelevant.
  6. The best protective measure for any and all in flight incidents perpetrated by a passenger, is the other passengers on the aircraft.

There are a lot of other thoughts and ideas out there, and it is fun to ridicule government agencies.  So, here is a piece that pokes fun at current events:

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