Too Far

There has been a lot of talk about how far scociety has taken the concept of political correctness.  To be honest, I think it is one of those things that has gotten entirely out of control and softened society much too far.  If everyone were to be walking around in powdered white wigs, makeup, and lacy ruffled shirts it might be appropriate for the way things are going.

Again, I will refer you back to Kim’s place for a detailed discussion of this trend in American and European society, if you really want a deep look at it.

For my part I offer you these two recent events as evidence that things have been taken too far.  Well beyond the point of common sense.

Event 1 An agency issues a job posting.  Job requirement includes 20/20 vision.  Posting is offered in Braille.

Event 2 Hmm, a Black hole is a cosmological occurrence.  Not sure where the folks that are objecting to this comment are coming from, or what their educational background is.  Given the prevalence of black holes in literature and films you would have thought that these elected officials would have a bit of understanding of the comment.

In fact, there could be an argument made that political correctness has actually sharpened societal prejudices, and racial / ethnic conflict.

Hmm, if I ever have sufficient time that may pose an interesting study.  In the interim if anyone wants to run with that hypothesis go for it.  Just let me know about it so that I can follow the discussions.

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