McRaven to Grads: To Change the World, Start by Making Your Bed [Watch] | The Alcalde

It is commencement time in the US.  Every year, speakers have an opportunity to bore the audiences with an inspirational / educational message at higher education establishments across the nation.

An exception to the rule this year seems to be the return of Admiral McRaven to UT, 37 years after his own matriculation from that University.  The video below, will put you right in the audience for the relatively short message.

McRaven to Grads: To Change the World, Start by Making Your Bed [Watch] | The Alcalde.

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Operation Pouty Face | Monster Hunter Nation

NY Times, bestselling author Larry Correia put together one of those “tough” messages today on the realities of life.  This one was prompted by current events in Nigeria and Hollywood.  It’s worth 10 minutes of your time to read it.  There are some winning one liners in there too.  Good stuff.

Operation Pouty Face | Monster Hunter Nation.

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Situational Awareness

A little long video below but, nice illustration of common failures in your situational awareness.

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Friday Funny

Gunny Suffering

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Hump Day Laughs

At the risk of being politically incorrect, which is ok by me, here is your laugh for this morning.

afghan missle launcher

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Reading the Situation

Great article up today at Straight Forward.  Observation, Decision and Action all turn into an incident where everyone goes home in one piece.

Straight Forward in a Crooked World: Carjack Intermezzo.

Often, it is the little things that can have the greatest impact in creating a “non-event”.  Non-events are good.

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And Now…

…For something completely different.  With all the foriegn policy and economic missteps taking place out there to throw a layer of gloom over your day let’s take five minutes to brighten up your day, acoustically.


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Way back in my youth, inventors and visionaries were what always caught my eye.  Amphibious cars, highways of flying cars, robots, colonies on Mars, etc.  As I grew older and began to understand the problems inherent in bringing a product to market, particularly when it would involve a significant amount of cultural and infrastructure change, it became apparent that a lot of great ideas died on the vine for practical reasons.

Every once in a while though you see an idea, a prototype in some cases, and you just wonder why it never overcame the obstacles and made it to the main stream.

Things like, this….


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Bucket List – Achievement

I was able to cross off a bucket list item late last night, as the Aurora Borealis made an trek south into my latitudes. It was somewhat disappointing as there was so much fog and overcast that all it did was turn the overcast a bright greenish blue. I think I am technically able to cross this off the list but, I think that I need to keep looking for it.

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Inner Geek

It is time to bring forth your inner geek. Feel the power of the force.

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