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Iran in Latin America

Several months ago I referenced a post that detailed the acceptance and safe basing of Irain covert operators in Nicaragua, and the potential pipeline that this established through our southern border, directly into the United States. Recently broader facts have … Continue reading

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A Positive to The Econimic Crisis

I have made no bone about my opinions of the threat that is posed to the United States by Iran.  I have pretty clearly stated my opinion that Iran has been a huge supporter of terrorism across the globe since … Continue reading

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Iranian Fusion

Ed Morrisey over at Hot Air popped this one up a few days ago.  He nails most of this on the head so I won’t drive too deep into it.  I looked at the headline and the fusion comment puzzled … Continue reading

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SCOTUS – Understanding The Constitution

Hmmm… It is assumed that those that are members of the Supreme Court of the United States understand what is written in The Constitution. It is a fairly short document, it seems to be pretty clearly written (as opposed to … Continue reading

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Europe’s Terrorism Puzzle

Across the Atlantic, a number of pieces of the terrorism puzzle are gradually being exposed. We see some indication of the size the issue, and the pervasiveness of institutional funding that originates in the middle-east. Douglas Farah has broken some … Continue reading

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Iran in Central America

A couple of days ago I commented on an article that indicated that Iran Republican Guards were active in Nicaragua, with the tacit approval of the Nicaraguan government.  Yesterday the folks over that the Counterterrorism Blog pointed to an article … Continue reading

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Non-Professional Satellite Intelligence

With the advent of: a.) The Internet b.) Terrabyte (and larger) sized databases, and the means to manage them c.) Commercially available Hi Res Satellite images there has been a growth of folks that are out there looking for specific … Continue reading

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