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And So It Begins?

This week has turned up multiple events that provide individual data points for concern. Could they be coincidence?  Absolutely. Could they be probes, and test runs?  Yes. Could they be the opening thrusts in something larger?  I hope not. It … Continue reading

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The Heartbeat of War with Iran – Global Guerrillas

I have written before about the covert threat that Iran poses to the Western Hemisphere and the activity of the Republican Guard within Central America.  Here is a quick look at a macro level of the drivers of the current … Continue reading

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What is your perfect day?

History teaches us that every group tends to have their own version of “The Perfect Day”.  Not surprisingly, enemies of our nation are have their own version too.  Somewhat alarmingly, their version is based on the Sepoy Mutiny. David Grossman … Continue reading

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Responding to Terrorism

A nice little reminder of what you should be doing from the folks down in Austin. This report is republished with permission of STRATFOR How to Respond to Terrorism Threats and Warnings October 7, 2010 STRATFOR Books How to Look … Continue reading

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Early Warning?

Get in the way back machine for a moment to 1987 and the Iran -Contra hearings, where we were first introduced to Osama Bin Laden.  Today, he is a prominent figure in our world. In India, we are now seeing … Continue reading

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Cyber War

An interesting question is raised over at  Does the 2nd Amendment provide citizens the right to defend themselves against a cyber attack?  The 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution is often referred to as the “right to keep and … Continue reading

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Cyber Counter Attch

An interesting perspective has been presented over at Defense Tech today.  My interest in “cyber war” has always been focused on how do you short circuit an attack to minimize penetration and damage to critical systems.  It seems that the … Continue reading

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Changing the Axis of Attack

A couple of interesting pieces showing up on various sources this week. In the past I have posted about Iran’s continuing thrust into Latin America, and from there the potential for infiltration across our southern border.  Douglas Farrah has an … Continue reading

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Iranian Antics

I have commented before, about the rather low key recognition that seems to be given the threat to these United States that is Iran.  We have recently seen Specifics about their nuclear weapons development. The ties that have been developed … Continue reading

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Scary Season

The scary season of Halloween is rapidly approaching, and all of the little ghouls and goblins are preparing for the event.  The decorations are coming out in the neighborhood, with tombstones, and skeletons rising from the front lawns of suburbia. … Continue reading

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