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Open / Concealed Carry

There are a lot of articles, and sides to the “gun control” issue as a whole.  While I doubt that this is the case, I seriously hope that much of that argument has been tabled with the recent Heller decision.  … Continue reading

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John Wayne

I was reminded that today is the anniversary of John Wayne’s passing. Denise over at the Ten Ring has a nice little post up regarding her feelings.I would have liked to find a little Sgt. Stryker to post for you. … Continue reading

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As many years as I have spent in Texas I always hated the weather, and loved the people. That has not changed. I hate Texas weather but ya gotta love these guys. This has got to be the funniest, and … Continue reading

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Knife Rights

Ok I think we all recognize that the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is guaranteed by the second ammendment to The Constitution.  That is pretty clear cut.  Shortly, the Supreme Court will rule on the Heller case and is … Continue reading

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Rage or Instinctual Evolution

Over at Personal Effects, there is a post titled “Rage of Ages, that really makes me question why I didn’t think of that? In this case I know the reason I did not is based on the fact that I … Continue reading

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Corn – Food or Fuel?

Ed Morrisey published a piece on Ethanol earlier today. It was interesting to me that I was having a very similar conversation with one of my fellow Kyuki-do practitioners the other night. I think Ed made some outstanding points throughout … Continue reading

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G7 Comparison

Every so often you run across something that is refreshingly blunt. Mark Steyn has a post up that is one of those. It is a refreshing comparison of the United States relative position within the G7 group. It does some … Continue reading

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Earth Day…

… is also Lenin’s Birthday. Hmm…interesting coincidence or something else? Lenin’s political philosophy knew nothing of morality, he once said that, “There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience. A scoundrel may be of use to us just … Continue reading

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Media Reporting

An interesting little piece over here on what many people are finally beginning to realize. Checkout the video while you are there.

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