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Live Your Life

Through the wonders of the internet I have stumbled across this “balls out”, clear essay from Chris McCombs.  Big Chris’s style of writing is a little more toward the stream of consciousness approach so stick with it, it pays off in the … Continue reading

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Tort Reform and Other Rantings

A friend of mine threw a link to this article up on Facebook earlier.  I started to comment on it, and it rapidly grew into a rant.  So, I thought I would clean it up a little and make it … Continue reading

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Over the past election cycle there have been a lot of differences pointed out between the two (or three sides) of the political debate.  Not only differences in message, but also differences in behavior. The rally on the mall in … Continue reading

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American Mumbai

Over at Blackfive the team took a look at: It’s worth thinking through the problem this author raises:  how would the U.S. handle a Mumbai-like terror attack? It’s an interesting post on how different the US is regionally, and why.  … Continue reading

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Semi Random Thread – Work

An old friend and I had a brief exchange of thoughts on Facebook in the last few days. It revolved around an article that concluded that there is an income inequality in the country that is due to the decline … Continue reading

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Evil Walks The Earth

I became a father three months before 9/11.  Since that time I have become extremely focused on what takes place around me, and what I have in my bag of tricks to protect my family in times of trouble.  Having … Continue reading

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Too Far

There has been a lot of talk about how far scociety has taken the concept of political correctness.  To be honest, I think it is one of those things that has gotten entirely out of control and softened society much … Continue reading

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Personal Defense – Relying on someone else – NOT

Given the content of today’s (16 Jul) Day By Day (see above).  I think it is time to comment on this recent story. The first comes from Louisville.  As Breda so eloquently put it, “When seconds count…the police are a … Continue reading

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Lethal Force

When I was an active Marine, we had very clear cut rules for the use of lethal force.  The civilian world, not so much.  With all of the change in society from when I was growing up, and now that … Continue reading

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There is a very well thought out piece here.  Go read it. The article comes from someone that has addressed gun control / violence at the grass roots level.  He spells out the urban gun violence problem in two sentences. … Continue reading

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