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Situational Awareness

A little long video below but, nice illustration of common failures in your situational awareness.

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Reading the Situation

Great article up today at Straight Forward.  Observation, Decision and Action all turn into an incident where everyone goes home in one piece. Straight Forward in a Crooked World: Carjack Intermezzo. Often, it is the little things that can have … Continue reading

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Sandy Hook Analysis

It has been almost a year since the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Recently the police report on the incident was released.  Over at Active Response training, Greg has broken out some of the highlights of the report and … Continue reading

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Fight or Surrender

Any interesting post up on Downrange TV discussing self defense situations.  The basic question to be debated, “When you are confronted by a criminal do you acquiesce to their demands or not”? For many that is a valid question.  The … Continue reading

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If you have done anything seriously (academics, athletics, a hobby, etc.) than you know that mindset is something that is critical to your success. Recently, Kyle Defoor put together a short video that consolidates a number of important concepts into … Continue reading

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Self Defense Breakdown

Over at Limatunes’ blog she has an excellent break down of a recent self defense incident in Minneapolis.  This is a great article to pay attention to as I tend to think of it as the rule rather than the … Continue reading

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Evil Walks The Planet

In the place that is known as formerly Great Britain, we find today’s headlines.  You can see the headlines here. I saw the youtube interview with this sorry excuse for a human yesterday, and the really disturbing thing about this is … Continue reading

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Attitudes and Adjustments

My internet friend Gundoc raises an interesting observation that he recently had regarding some of the folks that have recently separated from the military.  Go read it, and weigh in on the subject. Here are my thoughts: In my limited … Continue reading

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House Clearing

Scenario: You come home and find your front door open.  You are not expecting anyone else to be home.  The door frame is splintered… What do you do? Over at the Cornered Cat, Kathy has a post about that very … Continue reading

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Good Advice

With the deteriorating economy comes a deterioration in society. While this is unfortunate, in many cases we are seeing a deterioration of police protective services as well. All that said, what do you do when you come home and find … Continue reading

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