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A Gem

Here is a nice little monologue piece about recent events.  It is a good story, a little long but it is worth it to listen and watch.  Make sure to stay tuned until at least the 7:30 mark, it is … Continue reading

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Interesting Perception of POTUS Inauguration Speech

POTUS – Shakespeare Go check this link from Weerd World for an interesting take on POTUS’ lecture earlier this week. My Thoughts on the Inauguration Speech | Weerd World.

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Some Historical Context… – The Minuteman

I had been trying to figure out a tasteful way to bring up this historical point.  It seems Barron has already managed it, so I direct you to: Some Historical Context… – The Minuteman.

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Thought of The Day

Yosemite Sam is back and blogging at the Ten Ring.  He put up a very clear and concise argument for you all to consider.  Get over there and read the entire piece. Here is just a taste: “We hold these … Continue reading

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Some interesting numbers that are pulled together from multiple sources today over at Hot Air.  The article supports the position that our “Fiscal Cliff” is not going to be solved by revenue increases.  Go read it, and then my comments make sense. … Continue reading

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Repurposing Your Tax Dollars

It is amazing the opportunities that people identify, and the potential solutions that can be put forth.  Over at SNAFU today we see an opportunity for public service officials in flood prone areas to spend their budgets more appropriately than … Continue reading

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Well Done

Below is a video.  It is a little long and the sharpness of the transitions is a little bit on the rough side.  That said, it presents it’s message in a very thought provoking and powerful way. You don’t have … Continue reading

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A Message

It appears that I am in one of “those moods” today.  As the election cycle is ramping up I wonder where exactly this Republic has lost it’s courage.  We see daily examples of where the values and courage of our … Continue reading

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DNC Moment

I have not really paid a ton of attention to the nominating conventions.  For the most part, they are not covered well and the real business takes place off camera.  That’s the way things get done in politics and in … Continue reading

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Interesting PAC

Let’s drive away from my Rockcastle experiences and into politics for a second. This is coming from a PAC that is an interesting group.  The fact that they have formed a PAC and taken to the airwaves is an indication … Continue reading

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