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Rocky Mountain States

It is stories like this one, that can help to explain why I have this urge to pack it all in and move to the mountains.  Go read it, it’s short and I will wait. Ultimately it is living life … Continue reading

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Chris over at The AnarchAngel has penned one of those common sense posts that is a good reminder for all of us, about value.  There is a difference between inexpensive and cheap. Chris lays out all out in a very … Continue reading

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Another Rant

The man who has rapidly taken his place in my top 5 author list has done it again.  He went off on a tangent and has created a wonderful rant for us all to howl over.  You may find it … Continue reading

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Videos, The Internet, and Creativity

The internet is an amazing thing.  The blossoming of electronics, digital media, and the venue to publish has created opportunities for people to do things that they might never have had an opportunity to do in say the 1980’s. There … Continue reading

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It amazes me that so many people just don’t get “it”.  In this context “it”, is very simply there are things happening in the world that you are not meant to know.  These things happen because someone makes a decision.  … Continue reading

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Man farm and fleet has already…

Man farm and fleet has already switched over from Halloween to Christmas merchandise. Incredible.

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Quirky observation

The quirky observation from this week involves conditioning. We spent one of the days this week in a very large auditorium in the conference center. Big jumbo monitors to either side of the stage, a large 50″ monitor on the … Continue reading

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Cool Gadget

Another one of those cool internet gadgets to characterize yourself by.  Interesting results. I write like Dan Brown I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

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Clarity of Purpose

Over at “American Thinker” today they had post titles “President Dogbert”.  Now being a fan of Dilbert, and seeing many parallels between Dilbert’s daily adventures and my professional experience I was naturally intrigued by the title.  The article is a … Continue reading

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VW Jetta Introduction

Volkswagen is unveiling the 2011 Jetta today.  Now, it’s not really the car for me.  It does not suit my lifestyle or needs.  So, why am I writing about it?  Well, as I was walking to work this morning they … Continue reading

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