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Shooting Training

Training.  It is important.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  Driving, Software, Running, Shooting, First Aid, you need a plan and you need to execute the plan. Out in the great PNW, Anette has a plan, and she is executing … Continue reading

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Wearing the black

After much effort, a lot of fun, and too much stressing over the event itself… The black belt has been awarded to this humble scribe. Much more to learn but, the first challenge on that path has been completed. No … Continue reading

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Range Day

Not! This morning was supposed to be the day that I went to the range for the first time since … Christmas.  It has been too long but between work, vacation, getting caught up, travel and so on range time … Continue reading

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Movie Training

Have you ever wondered what goes into making a movie as realistic as possible and gone… “eh, it’s a movie.  You can run all the takes you need”.  Well, it seems that some folks think it takes a bit more … Continue reading

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Offered with one comment…. watch them all. Damn I miss this.

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Promotion Exams

I love the martial arts. I have a great group that I get to work with, and enjoy myself a lot. But, two hours for a promotional exam is a killer. I have got to get my cardio back where … Continue reading

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Very cool new program. This is the new world of self-defense for seniors, at least as taught by Shuey, founder of Cane Masters, a Lake Tahoe, Nev.-based company that manufactures custom canes. Shuey, a tae kwon do and hapkido expert, … Continue reading

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Midwest Kyuki-do Tournament

So yesterday was the Midwest American Kyuki-do Federation Tournament. It made for a very long day, and was the first one of these tournaments that I had been to. A little background: Kyuki-do is a a martial art that is … Continue reading

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