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Attitudes and Adjustments

My internet friend Gundoc raises an interesting observation that he recently had regarding some of the folks that have recently separated from the military.  Go read it, and weigh in on the subject. Here are my thoughts: In my limited … Continue reading

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Tuesday Motivation

  I wish I were half this eloquent.

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Quote of The Day

I rarely do the QOTD thing that so many others do.  I like “motivators” and the images that go with them so much more.  However, this one I really appreciate. “Do the best you can, with what you have, where … Continue reading

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A New Greatest Generation?

It sounds like there is a nice look at our current crop of war veterans coming up in the next issue of Time.  I haven’t read the article but, it sounds like it makes a lot of the points that … Continue reading

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Back in February, there was a couple of threads that were floating around that seemed to resonate for some reason.  The focus was simple:  take the time to recognize those that you take for granted. If you have spent any … Continue reading

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Well the folks over at are putting together some video on contrasting styles.  It looks like the first one chooses to contrast the presidential leadership styles that as they apply to Lybia.  Regardless of your views on the issue, … Continue reading

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