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Beirut 1983

28 years ago. Beirut . It was the bloodiest day in the Corps’ history since World War II, when Marines fought to secure Iwo Jima. On October 23 1983, around 6:20 am, a yellow Mercedes-Benz truck drove to Beirut International … Continue reading

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3 OCT 93

Mogadishu, Somalia An anniversary day yesterday. A couple of nice pieces out there over the last day or two. The NRA Life of Duty series has a nice piece up in their series. A good story, told in common sense … Continue reading

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15 Sep 11

This afternoon a living Marine will receive the Congressional Medal of Honor. Medal of Honor | Sgt. Dakota Meyer.

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Enough Said

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Today in 400 BC, the Battle of Thermopylae took place.  If you don’t know the story you should.  Read about it here: GO TELL THE SPARTANS

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The Fallen

I have refrained from posting anything about the events in Afghanistan on 5 Aug.  Events like these leave me at a loss for words, and there are others that somehow manage to find the words that very closely match my … Continue reading

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Get Some

Oh… and just because I can… And I like it.  

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The Marine landings through out the Pacific in WWII are legendary. Being a Marine, I often put the landings in Europe in the backseat. They do not belong there. The beaches of Normandy, Salerno, Sicily, Calabria, Taranto all were pivotal … Continue reading

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It Ought to be

A national holiday.  At least it should get as much attention as Elvis’ birthday. On May 26, 1907 Marion Robert Morrison came into the world in Winterset, Iowa. When he left on June 11, 1979 he was John Wayne, an … Continue reading

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It amazes me that so many people just don’t get “it”.  In this context “it”, is very simply there are things happening in the world that you are not meant to know.  These things happen because someone makes a decision.  … Continue reading

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