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Beruit 1983

October 23rd, 1983.  A Sunday if I remember correctly was not a good day. The Beirut Barracks Bombings (October 23, 1983, in Beirut, Lebanon) occurred during the Lebanese Civil War when two truck bombs struck separate buildings housing United States … Continue reading

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McRaven to Grads: To Change the World, Start by Making Your Bed [Watch] | The Alcalde

It is commencement time in the US.  Every year, speakers have an opportunity to bore the audiences with an inspirational / educational message at higher education establishments across the nation. An exception to the rule this year seems to be … Continue reading

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June 6, 1944. 180,000 Allied troops. 50 miles of beaches, with tall cliffs, and heavily fortified positions. 5,000 ships 13,000 aircraft Focused on the goal of gaining a toehold in Northern Europe, liberating the continent, and defeating Nazi Germany. General … Continue reading

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A reminder piece out of Fred Thompson’s new organization.

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Friday Feel Good

Here’s your feel good story for this Friday.  It is a little aged, as I think I saw this a couple of years ago.  It’s worth 10 minutes of your time to go and watch it though. Bastogne sniper still … Continue reading

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237 Orbits of the Sun

On this day 237 years ago our Corps became a reality.  The first Marines were recruited, and signed their papers on this day in 1775.  In a small tavern in Philadelphia the United States Marine Corps was born. Today we celebrate that … Continue reading

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Someone You Should Know

Rarely do I delve into the “meme” of “Someone You Should Know”.  However, recent events have drawn me to three individuals that need to be singled out for doing their jobs, and paying the ultimate price for doing them well. … Continue reading

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With the news out of Fallon yesterday, I am somewhat at a loss for words.  As part of the military community, you understand that there will be losses.  Friends that for whatever reason abruptly depart from our lives. Yesterday, saw … Continue reading

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Marines are Everywhere

When I first started getting interested in history I gravitated toward the stories of World War II.  Watching Victory at Sea, The World at War, and so on.  As I grew into my teens and started to really have to … Continue reading

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Act of Valor

This is a must see film for 2012.  From the operators that have seen the pre-release version, I have heard nothing but good things.  After watching this vid, I begin to see exactly why.  

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