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Terrorists and a Porous Border

A while back I pointed out the threat that was developing as individuals hostile t0 US interests were poised to use the human trafficking channels through Central America to enter the US surreptitiously.  At the time the focus was primarily … Continue reading

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Recent History and Context

So here’s video that would be considered alarmist, extreme, and probably “racist” in many circles.  I wanted to drop it in here for a several reasons. Historical context.  There are some things that we tend to forget about the middle … Continue reading

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Beirut – 31 Years

31 years ago today, we woke up to the fact that over 200 of my fellow Marines were killed by a truck bomb.  A truck bomb…now we have the “fancy” term Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Device (VBIED).  In accordance with … Continue reading

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Field Medicine for Terrorist Attacks | Active Response Training

This is a good basic article about what to do when faced with traumatic injuries. Field Medicine for Terrorist Attacks | Active Response Training. A couple of notes to pay attention to.  “Get out of Dodge”.  The risk of secondary … Continue reading

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Chechnya: A History of Horrors | Fox News

With the manhunt ongoing in the Boston area, and the dynamic nature of the information coming from a variety of sources I have refrained from writing a post regarding the events.  Based on what we are learning this morning, the … Continue reading

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And So It Begins?

This week has turned up multiple events that provide individual data points for concern. Could they be coincidence?  Absolutely. Could they be probes, and test runs?  Yes. Could they be the opening thrusts in something larger?  I hope not. It … Continue reading

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The Heartbeat of War with Iran – Global Guerrillas

I have written before about the covert threat that Iran poses to the Western Hemisphere and the activity of the Republican Guard within Central America.  Here is a quick look at a macro level of the drivers of the current … Continue reading

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It appears that the International Atomic Energy Agency agrees with what the world has assumed to be true for four years now. Well, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN’s nuclear watchdog agency has come out and said that it strongly thinks … Continue reading

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American Mumbai

Over at Blackfive the team took a look at: It’s worth thinking through the problem this author raises:  how would the U.S. handle a Mumbai-like terror attack? It’s an interesting post on how different the US is regionally, and why.  … Continue reading

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TSA Current Events 2

Author extraordinaire Michael Williamson had this to say about the current TSA discussions: I get less harassment at security when entering the Pentagon than an airport. I’m waiting for some TSA fellator to explain why this is so.

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