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CAS or Close Air Support is a staple of the Marine Corps combined arms approach to battle.  For the grunt on the ground that is in contact the roar of a big radial engine, or a Cobra, or an A-10 … Continue reading

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Kit Development

An interesting piece up at about the Ironman prototype, and it’s development. It is a good story, and really is a bright spot in the equipment development story.  Go here to read it all. The quick summary is that … Continue reading

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Common Sense

Reference back to my economics post.  Then consider this headline“Pentagon to Reconsider Landing Chinooks in Battle Zones”. Two Pentagon officials told McClatchy Newspapers on Monday that an investigation into the helicopter crash that killed 30 American troops would probe whether … Continue reading

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The Fallen

I have refrained from posting anything about the events in Afghanistan on 5 Aug.  Events like these leave me at a loss for words, and there are others that somehow manage to find the words that very closely match my … Continue reading

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It appears that the International Atomic Energy Agency agrees with what the world has assumed to be true for four years now. Well, the International Atomic Energy Agency, the UN’s nuclear watchdog agency has come out and said that it strongly thinks … Continue reading

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You can run…

…but you will only die tired. Wow.  With the demise of Usama Bin Laden (UBL), there is so much out there to point out.  I think I will start with these tidbits, and then refer you on to some others: … Continue reading

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3/5 Oorah

Helmand, Sangin, far away high desert locations where history is being made.  Where actions remind us of what the words “Honor, Courage, and Commitment” really mean.   Where words that we hear often “… in keeping with the highest traditions of…” … Continue reading

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American Mumbai

Over at Blackfive the team took a look at: It’s worth thinking through the problem this author raises:  how would the U.S. handle a Mumbai-like terror attack? It’s an interesting post on how different the US is regionally, and why.  … Continue reading

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TSA Current Events 2

Author extraordinaire Michael Williamson had this to say about the current TSA discussions: I get less harassment at security when entering the Pentagon than an airport. I’m waiting for some TSA fellator to explain why this is so.

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TSA Current Events

As I have commented before, I spend too much of my life traveling commercial air.  But, it goes with the job and the job is good.  All of the new brouhaha regarding the TSA’s approach to security is very interesting.  … Continue reading

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