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Did You Know…?

Did you know that SEAL Team 3, Michael Monsoor’s unit is the most decorated team since Vietnam? Did you know that Michael Fumento is the only reporter that has written about Monsoor’s CMOH, that was embedded with the team? Get … Continue reading

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Vets For Freedom

I’ve been pondering what I should write about this event. After reading and seeing some of the stuff from the kickoff in San Diego on Friday I really wanted to try and catch one of their stops. Unfortunately they are … Continue reading

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AQI Cartoon

I found a new source for political cartoons.  Most of you may already know of it,  I think I will repost a few of their items from time to time.  Here is my first shot at this.

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Food for Thought

Over at Flopping Aces, Scott has an interesting post up.  It seems to me that I have seen something similar before.  In any case, it should help to put current events in perspective.  Go read the words, and then allow … Continue reading

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Michael Yon

For those of you who know Michael Yon, and his writings this is probably old news. The NY Times, has a piece in today’s paper on Michael. Give it a read here. Then get on over to Michael’s site and … Continue reading

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Baqubah – Our Enemy Revealed

As I have said before, there are others that manage to be much more eloquent than I.  Steve Schippert over at threatswatch lays out an opinion that I share, and expresses it much better than I can.    It is … Continue reading

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The Reality and “The Horror”

Over the past few years we as Americans have learned a lot more than we ever wanted to about al Qaeda. From the Reagan years through the present we have learned more and more about the capability and morals of … Continue reading

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