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Shooting Sports Update

I had the chance to shoot another local USPSA match the other night.  I have to tell you I am really enjoying the opportunity.  The first stage this time was my first exposure to limited shooting lanes in an indoor … Continue reading

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Marketing Creativity

The boys and girls at Hornady have embarked on marketing genius. Taking the mainstream in roads that the zombie Apocalypse has been enjoying recently, and combining it with Halloween to produce this: From a product standpoint, this cost them some … Continue reading

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WIIL Shoot: Failure?

My friends over at WIIL Shoot have put together a really well done, motivational video. You need to click on over there and watch it. Guns, AC/DC, USPSA Stages, and a motivational message all bundled into a nice professional package. … Continue reading

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@WIILSHOOTCOM Now I really wis…

@WIILSHOOTCOM Now I really wish I had headed north to shoot with you guys. But a day with the family is a better trade. UPDATE:  Now, I hear the match was rained out.  I did get the better deal.

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Intro to 3 Gun

After nosing around the competitive shooting arena a lot the last few years, I finally had the opportunity to take “the plunge”.  One of the facilities in the region runs a 3 gun action shooting intro event on a monthly … Continue reading

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First Aid

There is a thread that is running around the intrawebz of one “outdoorsman” that had the distinct misfortune of filming himself during a shooting drill.  Long story short, he made a mistake during his draw stroke that resulted in a … Continue reading

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Practical Shooting

There is a local club here in the area (well an hour or so away) that runs “Introduction to Practical” shooting events a couple of times a month.  The title it “Action Pistol”.  Last night was the first time that … Continue reading

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Specialized Tools

For every job there is a right tool, and thousands of wrong tools.  I had a Gunny that was very fond of reminding everyone to use the right tool for the job. I have a garage full of specialized tools, … Continue reading

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Boomershoot – Saturday

What a difference a day makes.  Mostly cloudy, warm, little to no wind.  Picked up a sunburn in all the clouds.  Good day to be shooting, and the results were worth it. I do need to pick up a better … Continue reading

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Boomershoot 2011 friday

The boomershoot event is a one day event that takes place on Sunday. It focuses on reactive targets that are placed from 375 yards to 800 yards in distance. On Friday and Saturday there is a precision rifle clinic that … Continue reading

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