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The AnarchAngel : Stupidity, Politics, and Math

This would be another one of those pieces that a really smart and analytical guy wrote.   Of course if I didn’t sleep, I could be this smart too… yeah right. The AnarchAngel : Stupidity, Politics, and Math.

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An opinion on gun control « Monster Hunter Nation

As we enter the Great Panic of 2012, there are a couple of well written and thought out pieces popping up.  This is one of them, and well worth your time An opinion on gun control « Monster Hunter Nation.

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A Shift in Society? Guns, Mental Illness and Newtown –

Nice breakdown of the history and issues facing us today.  The two things that seem to be missing from the equation are moral values, and accountability for your actions.  While I agree with Mr. Kopel’s points I would argue that … Continue reading

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Babes With Bullets (and Friends) 3 Gun Camp

It has been over 3 weeks since my wife and I attended the Babes With Bullets camp at the Big Springs Range near Montezuma, IA. The event was very ably hosted by Brownell’s. We had a lot of fun, a … Continue reading

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RockCastle 3 Gun Update

Or, “Have I Lost My Mind”? 4 years ago when I picked up a gun again for the first time after a 20+ year break, there were a number of reasons for it.  I won’t go into all of them … Continue reading

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Busy Busy

Not a lot of new or original posting here lately.  Work has been crazy, between restructuring the business, the annual performance appraisal cycle, and bring a client live my free cycles have been few and far between.  Eight more appraisals … Continue reading

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Another Defensive Incident That You Will Not Hear About

Another tale of gun defense, where no one was shot and all turned out well.  You won’t hear of this one in the media.  Go read it.  The whole thing, not just the excerpt below… I’ll wait. Now, for those … Continue reading

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Fast and Furious – Afterburner

Bill Whittle has the breakdown.  Digging into the facts and bringing them to the surface.  There is a nice contrast built between Linebacker and Fast and Furious abut 3:45.  When he finally gets to the conclusion at the end, he … Continue reading

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Father’s Day Fun

So, taking a few minutes to catch up here.  Changes at work always make life interesting especially when it revamps the entire organization.  But all is good, In addition to all the normal father’s day activities, this year my eldest … Continue reading

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Great video of what could have been a catastrophe.  The Safety Officer did a great job of paying attention and halting the action before disaster.  Take a look. A great learning opportunity for everyone on just what a squib will … Continue reading

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