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Shooting Training

Training.  It is important.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  Driving, Software, Running, Shooting, First Aid, you need a plan and you need to execute the plan. Out in the great PNW, Anette has a plan, and she is executing … Continue reading

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SHOT is next week.  This is one of the few trade shows that I would really like to attend at some point in time.  But real work gets in the way of “fun” work, unless I decide to change careers. … Continue reading

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Be Aware

How many times have you walked down the street and then suddenly had to stop and look around to figure out where you were, as your mind worked on the problems of the day and your feet just kept going?  … Continue reading

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Not a big Glock Fan

I am not a big Glock fan but, I know a lot of people (including my wife) who are.  So, I have been paying a bit more attention to both the firm and the weapon lately.  I am not sure … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

I am sure that you all remember stories about the pet that was lost on the family vacation and manged to travel 3000 miles to find home 3 months later dehydrated and malnourished. Well, this is one of those stories… … Continue reading

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Broadsword – 9

It’s been a while since we last spoke of the Crusader Weaponry Broadsword.  The rifle, she is done.  She is built, test fired, adjusted, shipped and delivered to the local Ace Hardware where I picked her up last week.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Broadsword Saga – 8

Now that the VALOUR IT campaign has ended, it is time to provide a Broadsword update.  She is almost complete.  The Duracoat went on last week.  It needs some curing time, a little bit of testing and tuning, and then … Continue reading

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Broadsword Saga -7

For those that are interested, the Broadsword Saga continues.  I am now referring to this as “The Great Broadsword Adventure of 2011”. Custom equipment is always something that takes time to get right.  If you are ordering something like custom … Continue reading

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Broadsword Saga – 6

Well for those that are still following the construction saga of the Broadsword, we have been hung up on the Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) for a few weeks now.  Supply chains being what they are, there is little that can … Continue reading

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Broadsword saga 5

So the rifle build is somewhat stalled. The bolt carrier group seems to be the current hold up. We missed the window to get the weapon complete to take to boomershoot 2011. But that will give me sometime over the … Continue reading

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