Fight or Surrender

Any interesting post up on Downrange TV discussing self defense situations.  The basic question to be debated, “When you are confronted by a criminal do you acquiesce to their demands or not”?

For many that is a valid question.  The time to make up your mind is not when faced with the situation, think about it today.  Build out the scenarios in your mind, do you act to defend yourself or do you cower?  Every situation is different, and every scenario can twist a number of different ways but for the moment assume that your situational awareness  has gone on the fritz, and you are faced with an individual or group that wants something from you.  They are threatening violence if you do not comply.  Do you comply?

Think about that, then go read this article.  Now run some of your scenarios in your mind again.  Does this knowledge of the price of surrender change your mindset regarding self-defense?


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