September 11, 2012

The events of 9/11/01 weigh on everyone’s mind today, as well they should.  As time passes those memories will fade but, with the technology of the 21rst century and the 24 hour news cycle we will always be reminded of this anniversary.

But what about the events on Benghazi on this day on 2012?  Will we ever know the true story of what happened?  What we do know if that an American mission was attacked.  An Ambassador was killed.  Americans who had the ability to act, acted against orders and in some cases lost their lives.  Americans who had the ability to act were unable to act against their orders and many of our resources and forces remained sidelined.

We may never know the full story of what happened on this day, last year.  We may never know the direct roles that POTUS and his cabinet officials played.  However, The Guardian (among other sources) has done a pretty good job of pulling together the timeline of events and it does not mesh well with the US government’s version.  Go give it a read.

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