Self Defense Breakdown

Over at Limatunes’ blog she has an excellent break down of a recent self defense incident in Minneapolis.  This is a great article to pay attention to as I tend to think of it as the rule rather than the exception.  While there is a school of thought that focuses on the approach of “carry your gun, all the time, no exceptions”.  The reality is that you cannot.  Either through social limitations, or mandated “no gun zones” that is not a 100% solution.

The concept of having multiple carry weapons, handgun, knife, pepper spray, etc. and working in defensive layers is great.  If you don’t mind looking like you are wearing Batman’s utility belt.  There are times when that is just not practical.  In the end we are left with the tools at hand; either what we can pick up or our hands, feet, teeth and bones.

The article breaks down the incident into several important categories:

  1. Mindset
  2. Pre-Attack
  3. Attack
  4. Call
  5. Injury
  6. Fitness
  7. Conclusion

It is a great analysis of an incident that is all too common in our society.  The outcome is important as well.  There is a “happy” ending that no one died but any physical attack is going to result in some level of injury to the combatants on both sides of the fight.  This article deals with that well.  It also deals with an often overlooked aspect, fitness.  The encounter documented here was three minutes long.  Three minutes in any type of fight is a long time, in an all out fight or die encounter it is an eternity and incredibly taxing.  Professional fighters go 3 minutes in a round, and even in the higher levels of MMA they are getting their wind through standing back and striking, or locking up in a clinch.  3 minutes all out is…. just wow.

Go read the piece it is worth the time.

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