And So It Begins?

This week has turned up multiple events that provide individual data points for concern.

Could they be coincidence?  Absolutely.

Could they be probes, and test runs?  Yes.

Could they be the opening thrusts in something larger?  I hope not.

It is a well known fact that the  communications and power backbones of this country are relatively soft targets.  We also know that the impact that a coordinated campaign could have would be significant to the prosperity of the country, and to civil order.

There are a variety of soft targets through out the country, and they vary dramatically.  For obvious reasons, I won’t discuss those thoughts here.  Or go deeper into that concept.

This week we have seen an attack that comprised two IEDs detonated in a large crowd at the Boston Marathon.  Shortly there after we have reports of an infrastructure attack in San Jose.  Two incidents is a coincidence, but I am afraid we are going to see a bit more activity before this is over.  While the ricin laden letters to congress are interesting, I am not counting that as an attack.

America is still the greatest nation on Earth.  The freedoms that we have and the lifestyles that we are able to enjoy are unparalleled across the globe.  As a result, we have made enemies over our 237 yr history, and we will continue to be the focus of those who disagree with our beliefs.  While the loss of life, and economic disruptions of these attacks are significant, this is a nation of resilience.  It is a nation that is diverse, and geographically dispersed.  Short of a military campaign, these attacks will only serve to disrupt us regionally for short periods of time.  In the long term, it will only serve to strengthen our will and our resolve to root out those who would do us harm.

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