Been a busy few weeks here but I thought I would weigh in on a political topic for a moment.

Last week Margaret Thatcher passed away.  A historical figure with a strength and courage the likes of which Britain had not seen since Churchill, and has not seen since.  As time passes, so do these leaders and it is unsurprising that her time on this mortal coil came to an end.

What really has be teed off today though is the fact that the current POTUS does not see any need to send official representation to the services.  Are you kidding me?  While we may have revolted against the leadership of King George in the 18th century we have historically had a long and close relationship with Britain.  Regardless of the events that occurred yesterday in Boston there should be a very high level representative of the Executive Branch at Baroness Thatcher’s services.  The behavior of this president is contrary to everything that this nation has established in the past two hundred and thirty seven years.

Here is my take on this one.  POTUS is embarrassed by his last meeting with Queen Elizabeth, and is too immature to learn from it and move on.  Based on his personal feelings and embarrassment he is going to alienate our strongest ally in Europe.

Unfreaking believable.


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