An Updated Petition

People are clever.  Have I said that recently?  They really are and they totally amaze me.  I know that when I hit a topic or a tidbit that sets off the creative juices, I just roll.  I amaze myself when that happens.  But some people seem to be able to do that every day, and I admit I am a bit jealous.

Kathy Jackson over at The Cornered Cat is one of those people that amazes me.  She comes up with topics and approaches that are fresh, everyday.  One of her latest works discusses a petition.  Now we have all seen all the action around petitions.  The White House set up a “petition” site, much like a comment box.  Or, in the days of old such as when the serfs would petition their “liege” for a boon.

Kathy took a look at an older petition, and updated it a bit to make it a bit easier to read.  You should go read it Would *you* sign this petition? | Cornered Cat.  If you are NOT willing to sign it, let me know I would be interested in your reasoning.

Be sure the read the comments to her post as well.

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