Rock Castle 2012 – Background

Since my last post, I decided to add this background post to the series.  I hope you all enjoy reading about my experience with Rock Castle 2012.

Some of this may be repetitive from previous tweets and posts but, I want to make sure you have a full picture of things.  This story begins back in September ’11.  I had made the mental commitment to learn 3 gun, and finally managed to get to a local match.  Thus the 3 gun bug was planted deep, and in my own OCD way I began devouring and learning everything I could about this sport.

In November, I began searching for matches with the goal of finding one significant event that I could compete in.  Along the way, I found the local IPSC / USPSA club and had the privilege to shoot with them all winter and learn a lot about pistol shooting, and match conduct in general.  Oh, and around about January ’12 I was awarded a “C” classification in USPSA Production.  While I think I reached that classification fairly quickly, it is a pretty average classification for the larger population.

In my search for 3Gun matches three things happened:

  1. The Action Shooting Sports Club locally switched their venues, and revamped their 3 Gun approach.
  2. My wife came back from a Babes with Bullets pistol camp and pointed me at the Babes with Bullets and friends 3 gun camp.
  3. I found the Rock Castle Pro Am

One thing led to another and soon, Rock Castle was announcing dates and the registration process etc.  But, they were announcing it on forums that I was not part of, and they changed their website and URL for 2012.  By the time I figured that out, and completed the registration process I was 98th on the waiting list for the Amateur match and I was receiving advice from the registrar to, don’t make plans it’s not likely to clear up.

June and July quickly came and I was able to shoot a couple of local 3 gun matches (match #2 and #3 in my budding career) with adequate results.  I knew that the shotgun was the worst of my three disciplines, and pistol on steel was giving me grief for some reason that was as much mental as anything else.

August arrived, and I packed up the gear, the truck, and my wife and we went off the BWBAF, 3GUN.  I have documented that experience elsewhere but suffice it to say, I was feeling pretty good about the progress in my skills (career match #4).  While we were there I received an email telling me I had moved up to 24th on the waiting list.

On 13 Aug, I sent a note to the registrar asking if there was likely to be anymore movement or if I should just bag the event for this year.  She replied, I have had some additional cancellations that I need to clear.  Plan on coming.  Thursday 16 Aug, I received the confirmation and jumped through the hoops required to get registration done (It was easy they do a great job with this event).

On 14 Aug, I started to look for a new shotgun knowing that my little 5 shot pump action was going to be a disadvantage on this one.  I am very glad I did make the change but, I don’t know that I will ever adopt new equipment a week before a match again.

So the stage was set.  Less than 12 months since shooting my first introductory 3 gun match I was ready to shoot match #5, at the biggest 3 Gun event in the world.

Next Up – Rock Castle 2012 Overview.

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