RockCastle 2012 – Day -1

Long drive yesterday.  It used to be I could jump in the car and drive 15 hrs without even thinking about it.  The long stretches yesterday were good but I have come to really dislike traffic.  8 hrs of windshield time yesterday.

Arrived at the facility and the first thought that crossed my mind was, where was everyone going to park.  It is going to be pretty crowded, and with the stages spreadout the way they are, there will be much driving around.

Being the first “major” match experience for me, I was a little unsure what to expect.  I found the check in / registration area and was handed my schedule, squad assignment and a big bag of NRA swag.  I wandered around the facility a bit to get a feel for the layout and the stages.  I shoot 3 stages on Friday and 4 on Saturday.  I ran into the Miculeks at one stage and had a chance to say hello.  I saw, and rubbed elbows with some other folks that I only know from TV reports.  I have to say, it is going to be an interesting couple of days.

Not only is this a match but there is a lot of business going on as well.  A lot of marketing folks, and a lot of shooters that want to convince those marketing folks to sponsor them.  Some inverse discussions there too with marketers seeking out specific shooters.

I think I am going to enjoy shooting the event, and watch all the byplay going on around me.  Should be a lot to learn not only about shooting but about this industry as well.

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