Fast and Furious – Afterburner

Bill Whittle has the breakdown.  Digging into the facts and bringing them to the surface.  There is a nice contrast built between Linebacker and Fast and Furious abut 3:45.  When he finally gets to the conclusion at the end, he lays into it with a lot more emotion than we typically see from his mild mannered delivery style.

Think about some of his points:

  1. F&F is an ideological effort to work psyops (my term) on the American people
  2. F&F took place without consultation with the Mexican gov.  Linebacker did not.
  3. Over 300 Mexican nationals killed as a result of the operation.
  4. At least 1 (probably 2, likely more) US LEOs killed as a result of the operation.
  5. Would we have pulled a GOP president out of the WH with torches and pitchforks?
  6. Is this substantially worse than Watergate?
  7. Why is F&F being largely ignored by the Mainstream Media?

The question that is not being overtly asked but is the one I am struggling with is, “How do we get to the bottom of this”?  We are at the verge of moving to what could be a “constitutional crisis”.  On the one hand, the legislative branch is trying to perform their duties in checking and balancing the executive branch.  On the other the executive branch appears to have a law enforcement division that is breaking the laws, ignoring the laws and subpoenas and POTUS has stepped in to further obfuscate the issue.

Assume for a moment that Romney (or the GOP nominee) is elected in November by Jan. 23, I would wager that most if not all documentation that has been subpoenaed will have been destroyed.  Honestly, would anyone be surprised if there was a mysterious fire at the DOJ in the near future.

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