Are you in a philosophical mood today?

Brad Torgersen is one of those Utah Authors, what I affectionately refer to as the Literary Mafia of Utah.  You know the guys, they write Science Fiction, and Pulp Fiction, and stories about hunting monsters, and zombie uprisings.  They all seem to feed off of each others ideas and before you know it you’ve read one of their books and you had to buy them all to read, and that wasn’t enough so they introduced you to one of their friends and it’s not an addiction I can stop at any time…. sorry.   Yeah those guys.

Mr. Torgersen took an hour or more to layout his thoughts on being rich.  With the exception of some comparisons that he makes, and some differences in our personal experiences I find myself agreeing with pretty much everything that he has written in his essay.  There are a lot of great excerpts here are two, to whet your appetite.

Being rich isn’t about the cash in your purse or wallet — it’s about knowing there is someone who loves you waiting for you when you get home. Not everybody has this.


Being rich isn’t about having a high-paying or prestigious job — there is integrity in all honest work, whether it pays minimum wage or not, and if you wear a 3-piece suit and work in a shiny office building but have to lie, cheat, steal, or defraud people for a living, you are poor regardless of how many vacations you take in Cabo.

Set aside 20 minutes or so, read his thoughts on the subject.  Give it some thought.  Where do you fit on the scale of things?

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