Boomershoot Day 3

Ok, I am way late in writing this post.  It’s funny how work backs up when you take a few days off.  Many others have written about their Boomershoot adventures, accordingly I think I will borrow some of their excellent content.

Boomershoot always opens up with a fireball, to kick off the event.  This year was AWESOME.  Just as background information, one of the most devestating conventional weapons in the US arsenal is a the Fuel Air Explosive.  The fireball at Boomershoot is essentially an FAE without the detailed fuel dispersal science that a weapon would have.  The results though…  well see for yourself.

I thought that I had some video of my own but I guess I did not get the right button pressed on the machine in order to capture the event.  Barron, who was one position over on the shooting line, along with his lovely wife captured much of the above video.

I thought that I would get some video to help you all put things in perspective.  Boomershoot is about long range precision rifle work in “wild” conditions.  The wind does some unusual things across those fields, and through the surrounding canyons, it makes for interesting times.  The targets themselves are small quantities of Boomerite that are packaged in 3″, 4″, and 7″ boxes.  It is a tough event but then challenges are fun.

Now take a piece of paper and a ruler and draw a square 7″ on each side.  Tape it to the wall and walk back as far as you can.  Think of that same square 7 football fields away.  That is what you saw detonating behind the tree in that video.

Before the day started the 380 yd line looked like this.

So that’s the nutshell version of Boomershoot day 3.  Decent weather, swirling winds.  Lots of boomers, challenges moving up the hill with the winds.  But put it all in perspective for a second, I was outside in fantastic weather.  I had a tool in my hands that fired a bullet that was less than 1/3″ in diameter.  I was able to apply a set of skills to place that bullet into the lower 1/3 of a 3″, 4″ or 7″ square at distances ranging from 400 to 700 yards on a repeatable and consistent basis.

Yeah, it was a good weekend.

My thanks to:

  • Joe Huffman and his team (Ry, Barron, etc.) for all the work that they do to put this event on.
  • Gene Econ, and his training staff (Bill, Monte, Paul) for welcoming me and including me as one of their own.
  • To everyone that attends, and makes sure that we all have a safe and fun time.
  • And finally to Joe “Gundoc” Chetwood at Crusader Weaponry for building the Broadsword that served me well at this year’s event.  A lot of folks were asking about the origins of my Broadsword, if you are one of them give Joe a call.

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