Boomershoot 1.2

We have celebrities on the firing line.

Well, we pretty much always do.  Monte Milanuk is part of Gene’s training group as well as being on the US F/TR National team.  Two years ago Michael Bane dropped in and did some filming.  This year….

Yes that is Shelly Rae from Gun Nuts Media (among other places) right there and in person.  Just as importantly just to the right of Shelly, hidden by others, is Anette Wachter (30 Cal Gal).  Anette is one of the top long range shooters in the world, a member of the US National Team, NRA Civilian Record Holder at 300 yds, BC Rifle Champion, and new 3 gun competitor just like me.   Well, I am a new 3 gun “wanna be”.

The weather should be great for Saturday shooting.  My goal today is to confirm my DOPE for the longer ranges.  Ring some steel, make something go BOOM, and see if I can lend a  hand where needed, and try not to be a total fanboy around the ESS girls.

Oh, and I will get a chance to test drive some ESS eye pro.  I have been looking at their eye pro for quite a while now and have always been concerned that it would be too narrow for me.  I will get a chance have to see how it actually fits and how the lenses work in varying conditions.

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