Boomershoot Prep 2012 – 3 (not)

This weekend was supposed to be the last minute panic prep weekend for Boomershoot.  So, it was a crazy busy weekend with a lot of things not getting wrapped up.  Life gets in the way some days.

All that said though I did get in some trigger time behind my rifles.  While I was prepared to spend more time with it, I found that things were dialed in pretty well and I was steadying down and shooting dime sized groups at 200 yd.  Nothing to write home about but it gives me a level of confidence to build from as we open up the ranges at Boomershoot.

USPSA Match —  Yeah, I could have spent that time packing and prepping for the trip.  But come on, it was a sunny day and a chance to run and gun at an outdoor match and boy am I glad that I went.  My performance, well it kind of sucked.  The last three stages I shoot relatively well.  Whenever I get to go to one of these matches with a lot of stages I learn a lot about where I need to focus my efforts:

  • Strong hand, weak hand:  I never practice this.  I need to.  Inadvertently releasing a magazine mid string from a weak hand grip because of my hand position (during a classifer) priceless learning opportunity.
  • Sight alignment:  My sight picture is degrading.  As I push the speed I am not taking enough time to make the minor adjustment to pull the front sight into the right spot in the rear sight notch.  Shading left or right, or just plain being too high out of the notch I am dropping too many shots out of the “A” zone.
  • Trigger control and grip:  20% tighter, more dry fire practice.

Now, I pay the price of not spending time checking off all my gear for the Idaho trip.  This week, now looks like:

  • Monday:  Meetings and evening trip to LA.
  • Tuesday: Client meetings, and fly back late.
  • Wednesday:  Meetings, Boomershoot packing.
  • Thursday: Travel.  Flying with firearms is just a pain, and then we add a 3 hr drive on top of that.
  • Friday / Saturday:  Shooting time
  • Sunday:  Boomershoot / Travel to Spokane
  • Monday:  UPS extra ammo back to home.  Business meetings.  Travel home.
  • Tuesday:  Business meetings, client travel.
  • Wednesday:  Business meetings, travel home.
  • Thursday: USPSA Indoor shoot.

Then back to the normal routine.

It will be a very busy 10 days or so.

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