BoomerShoot 2012 Prep 1

Another year of Boomershoot is set for the weekend of 29 Apr.  Another chance for me to recharge the batteries and get away from the city life for a brief period.  As usual, I feel like I am about 3 months behind in my preparation cycles and I am not nearly ready.

I have been working over the past year to upgrade portions of my gear, and to show up on top of my game rather than just brushing loose the rust as I tune up on site.  Well, I have not made nearly as much progress as I would have liked.  I would have preferred more trigger time, at longer ranges.  Not too be this time.

One significant thing that I did want to make a change on was my spotting scope.  I had “gone cheap” on my first one and it was time to upgrade.  Being a frugal shopper (read cheap bastard) I really did not want to drop $1000 or more on a piece of glass.  That decision may wind up being the wrong one but time will tell.

So after much due diligence and shopping I narrowed the field down to a view mid-range products and began “shopping” looking for that value that could not be passed up.  I hit Gunbroker, and Optics Planet, and Sinclair, and Midway, and Larue, and Amazon, and …. until finally I said hey what about eBay.  Sure enough, a lightly used model in my preferred brand with the right Objective lens size, and zoom capability showed up for auction.  Taking a chance on it, I entered the auction and bid.  Then I was outbid, and I bid again and back and forth over and over until finally the auction ended and there I was the winner.

After few trials and tribulations the scope showed up on my doorstep yesterday morning.  I open it up and find a scope, inside a nylon cover with zero packing material around it.  No documentation, not even a note from the seller.  I open up the cover and much to my surprise (and worst case imaginings) I have two pieces.  It seems this scope was severed in half right in the middle of the barrel.  It was broken exactly on the mounting ring.

Disappointed, and depressed I jumped on the interwebs and contacted the manufacturer.  You see one of the reasons that I was willing to take a chance on this lightly used scope is because Vortex offers a no questions asked lifetime warranty.  I explained the situation to the customer service folks and they said,  “Send it in, expedite the shipping and we will do everything we can to get a repaired scope back in your hands before you leave for BoomerShoot”.

I had never intended to have to lean on the Vortex warranty.  This is actually the fourth Vortex product that I own and I have been quite pleased (obviously) with the value and quality of the products to date.  Now, I have presented them with what I believe to be the extreme test case for their warranty program.  I am looking forward to what I hope will be a positive outcome.

More to come.

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