Be Aware

How many times have you walked down the street and then suddenly had to stop and look around to figure out where you were, as your mind worked on the problems of the day and your feet just kept going?  Bad things can happen to you when you are not paying attention to the signs around you. 

Here is a great example of why you need to pay attention.  You need to go read the entire piece.  It does have a happy ending

My daughter, meanwhile, was blissfully unaware of the encounter.  As a parent, I’m exceedingly grateful that I was not only able to protect her, but I was able to do it in such a fashion that she never had to feel any fear, and was able to continue her story with only a slight pause when she noticed the guys run from the car.
The entire incident took a very short amount of time.  I couldn’t begin to guess how long it did take, but even reviewing the slow-motion capture in my head, there was very little time involved.

Bottom line here…  be aware.  If it feels wrong, bail.  For those that can… carry your guns.

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