China Beneath the Surface

There have been a lot of articles and reports recently regarding China, and their intentions.  Certainly the development of stealthy aircraft, the refurbishment and launching of an aircraft carrier, continued saber rattling in the South China Sea, and the increased activities in the East China Sea, and the Yellow Sea all contribute to a sense of unease with China’s intention.  Couple that with a renewed focus by the United States in the area, and reported economic bubbles in China that may burst in the short term it will be interesting to see how it all shakes out.

In light of these developments an interesting post is up over on Murdoc today, talking about the problems in China.  The thing to remember when reading through this though, is that it is anecdotal evidence from a small, well educated sample of the population. This closely parallels my experiences as well.

Working with the younger Chinese (25-30 year olds) is pleasant. Some of them certainly “get it”. And once they open up, the first thing they complain about is the corruption, and the second is censorship. Third is pollution.

They will spend hours on the internet here, just reading stuff they can’t get access to over there. And as a general rule, they don’t trust their own military or even their police. Again, too much corruption. And they all know what really happened in Tiananmen square…

…I don’t spend a whole lot of time worrying about what the Chinese military might do to us. Too many of their citizens have already taken a bite from the capitalist apple, and they like the taste.

The question in my mind is what are the opinions of those who have not had a bite of the apple.

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