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I had the chance to shoot another local USPSA match the other night.  I have to tell you I am really enjoying the opportunity.  The first stage this time was my first exposure to limited shooting lanes in an indoor environment.  A number of the targets were hidden in such a way that there was really only one location that you could see the target from and it was still partially occluded which made hitting the A zone more challenging.  Of course my only miss, was with the easiest straight on target available.  That did seem to be a common “error” though.  One of those trying to “move with the ball before you catch it” moments I think.

Overall, a better performance than my meltdown the last time I was out there.  It is amazing what a little clearer focus and fewer distractions can do to improve things.  It still is a very humbling experience though to shoot with guys that have been doing this for years.  Just when I think I turn in an above average run, I watch them beat my time by 35% or more.

Practice, practice, practice.  Fast is smooth and smooth is fast.  Sight alignment (my big issue right now) and sight picture.  Every sport boils down to fundamentals.  If I can nail the fundamentals 90 – 100% of the time the speed will come.

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